Must Watch Anime for August

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The month is about to end and it is that time again to re-order everything and get the most of our kawaii or otaku life. This month, I am going to watch a mix of old and new anime. Here are the titles that I will watch for the month of August.

Golden Time


August is my Birthday month. To celebrate, I want something that will give me the right feels. As a girl who is a hopeless romantic, I think the whole season of Golden Time will do. Romantic, fun and has all the right feels.



This is more of a pending anime for me. It has been stuck in my computer and I have to finish it. I really need to get the first season over with so I can watch the second season.

Free! Eternal Summer


It is out again. In fact, there are already 4 episodes. Although the summer is over all over the world and it is raining hard here in my country, I still find it refreshing to watch some muscular 2D. I guess it will give me an episode to watch per week when I’m just freaking bored.

Sword Art Online II


And who doesn’t miss Kirito and Asuna right? I am addicted to this anime in like forever. I had the nendoroids and I am stopping myself from getting the figmas. Oh well…toys aside, I think that Sword Art Online II will have a unique twist where they’ll be using guns instead of swords and magic and Kirito will be a girl (interesting.)

Tokyo Ghoul


Another anime that is getting the attention of many is Tokyo Ghoul. I’ll make sure that I watch this. Although I am still not sure what the theme is.

Akame Ga Kill!


Another anime that is getting good reviews is Akame Ga Kill! It looks like a group of kids who will go save the world. Although I’m not so sure about that. We’ll see. I’ll be sure to post a review when I watch it like what I always do.

Anime Titles That Can Brighten a Bad Day

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Having a bad day? I know the rainy days can sometimes get the good of you. It makes you feel dark and unable to move like the way you used to. But with these anime titles, you can easily turn a bad day around. Just one episode of any of these titles will work. Here are some of the titles that are working for me when I have some bad days.



If you don’t want anything that has to do with love and you simply want to watch something random but makes sense, then I recommend “K-On!”. In fact, I always make it a point to have this title on my desktop so that I can watch an episode every time I feel down. What I noticed is that it only takes one episode to make me happy. With it, I am ready to face the day again. It’s a story about a girl named Yui Hirasawa and how she got into the Light Music Club and learned to play guitar and sing. It’s a show geared towards girls and is very fun and kawaii.

Golden Time


Feeling a bit brokenhearted? Then let love enter your heart once again as this anime. Golden Time is a story of a woman named Kaga Kokou who happened to met Tada Banri as she search for Matsuo – a childhood friend. This then turned into a whirlwind romance that will surely keep you in your seat for more.

No Game No Life


If you feel that you’re not good enough to face the world, then there’s one anime that will bring back that fighting spirit in you. This is No Game No Life – an anime about siblings, Shiro and Sora, and how they took over a game world using their beyond human intellect. It is fun and can somehow encourage you and make you feel that you can achieve anything as long as you put your mind to it.



But if your emotions are too deep to handle and your problems are way too dark, I suggest feeling the sadness of Ciel Phantomhive of Kuroshitsuji. Although I don’t generally recommend dark anime titles when you’re sad as this can trigger your negative emotions, this anime is good because it has a mix of mystery and strength in it. It shows how Ciel is able to withstand the pain of the loss of his parents and how he fights back with his butler at his side.



And if you want to see the good side of life, there is an anime that will tug on your heart strings every single time, this is Magi. At the beginning, each episode is packed with moral lessons but this has expanded a bit to multiple episodes in the later episodes. But what you’ll love about this is the Zen-like appeal on how conflicts are resolved not by lying to the self but by staying true to the self and choosing the good instead of the bad. This is such an inspiring anime that will get you hooked.

Top 10 Things to Look Forward to in The Coming ToyCon 2014

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This year’s ToyCon will be on Friday (June 20, 2014). Are you going?

If you’re still not decided, here are five things that may push you to join.

1. Get to Meet the Cosplay Queen, Alodia Gosiengfiao


Let’s face it. While Alodia is the Cosplay Queen of the Philippines, she rarely attends cons. The yearly ToyCon is the only one she attends every year.

This year, she will have a fan meet and greet where she will allow 2 pictures with her if you buy a VIP ticket for P1000. This will give you some merchandise with her autograph. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

2. Experience Virtual Reality with Oculus


Ever wanted to feel like you’ve entered a virtual reality game like in Sword Art Online or Log Horizon? Now you can do it with Oculus. There will be a virtual reality demo for all ToyCon goers.

3. See the Bat Mobile Hologram


Want to see teh REAL batmobile? Now you can, ToyCon 2014 will feature a unique hologram of this state-of-the art vehicle that you will not see elsewhere. Capture this unique event only at ToyCon.

4. Get your Own Dragon from ‘How to Train a Dragon 2′


Are you a fan of ‘How to Train a Dragon 2′? Now you can get your own dragon from Authority Hoodie. They will be selling these babies exclusively at ToyCon.

5. ToyCon Play Night Party


Experience a Live Band, a Cosplay Party along with some celebrity guests with this ToyCon Play Night Party. The Special guest will be the Mocha Girls.

6. Meet the Real Pinoy Marvel Artists


If you have heard that many pinoys have managed to break into the Marvel arena, you’ll be happy to finally see all of them in person. They will be guesting in an event hosted by Flipgeeks in the upcoming ToyCon.

7. Cosplay Contests


I have good news to cosplayers. ToyCon 2014 will have several cosplay events. Along with a solo and team event, it will also have a J-Fashion contest for all those lolitas and kawaii girls out there.

8. Toy Contests


Aside from cosplay contests, there will also be a lot of toy contests for all those die-hard toy fans and collectors. It’s ToyCon after all and it will not be complete without these.

9. Reimaru Files Battle Arena


Into video gaming? Now is the time to show the world what you can do. Reimaru Files will be releasing a full blown battle arena. Find out the gaming schedule in their website:

10. Free Toy from Arigatoys


Want a free toy? You can now get a free Revoltech figure from Arigatoys with each purchase. All you need to do is purchase a figure worth 2000 and you get another figure absolutely free.

So what are you waiting for? Entrance fee is only P140 at SM Megatrade Halls at SM Megamall.

Anime Review: No Game No Life

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I know that you may have noticed it on my posts on Instagram and Facebook that I am recently addicted to this anime. I know that it may not be the most wholesome anime there is *hint hint* but the story is so out of this world that it blows me away. The idea is original and creative and I love it for what it is.


The Story

The story is about siblings named Sora (the boy) and Shiro (the little girl). These two are known for dominating any type of game they go into. They are geniuses after all. In each game they enter, they put the name [ ] in their character name which is why they are known as “blank”.

But then one day, someone decided to play a game of chess with them. When they managed to beat this ‘someone’ who turned out to be a God, he invited them to play in his world where everything is decided by games. In this world, you can gamble anything as long as it is of equal amount and you can decide anything through games.

In this world, Shiro and Sora started by just looking for a place to stay. Then, they went on to dominate the world. Their goal is to beat Tet – the game God.

What I Liked

* Each game is intelligently done
* The plot of the anime is completely unique
* The characters are cute

What I Don’t Like

* Its comedy is based too sexy for my taste
* The closeness of the siblings is just too close for comfort

Overall, it is still an anime that I can recommend because it always triggers the mind.