Blog Revamp: On Changing My Niche and Heading a New Direction

If you have been visiting my blog for quite a while, you are most likely confused with the changes. Well, I know that my mind doesn’t stay in one place. I always have one idea after another and that is the reason why my blog hardly stay at one niche. But now, I will be changing that because my blog will now embody who I am – someone who has been working online, is passionate about writing and Internet marketing, loves anime and anything Japanese related, loves cute stuff, is a yogi verging on health and cleanliness freak and is simply in love with cooking and food.


Basically, I will be sharing my life with you – How I work and what I do on an everyday basis. I will share my passion and anything I can teach to you about cooking and Internet marketing.

I hope you have a great time reading my blog with my upcoming posts.