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The Make Money Online Game

Ever heard of playing a real-life video game? That’s what I feel when I work online.

You see, playing a video game is more than just fun or living in an alternate reality. With today’s role playing games, I can say that it is not that far from real life. The only difference is that video games provide a lot of opportunities.

First, video games allow you a way to make in-game money. There is always an area in the game where you can make the most money.

Second, video games eradicates fear. Why? That’s because you can always revive yourself or redo the mission when things go wrong.



For me, working or marketing online is the same as playing a video game


After all, the online world is not as risky as the real world. If you mess up, you can always try again.
And the best part? Well, you can make money in many different avenues than what you can think of.


Don’t believe me? Listen to my story.


First, let me introduce myself. I am Aira and I am an online marketer.

Specifically, here is the list of things that I do:

• I own a virtual assistant company called Pro Virtual Assistant. It is a company based in the Philippines that helps different companies from different parts of the world. We assist them by performing their online tasks which are thought to be mundane such as article writing, link building, contact research, link research, commenting and the likes.

• I am a researcher at the University of the Philippines where I research about different types of markets and how they interact with technology or the Internet.

• I assist businesses by advising them on what steps they should take so that they can rank well in Google and other search engines as well as get massive amounts of traffic.

• I create marketing plans for different businesses as well as conduct researches on their target market.

At first, I thought that I would be like everybody else – that I will study, have a job, get married, grow old and die.

But then I encountered this world where teenagers are able to make money just because they are brave enough to get themselves out there.

What is this world? Internet marketing.

It is a world where anyone has equal access to the world. It is a world where everyone can become a celebrity as long as he or she has something important or useful to say. I tapped into this world and soon enough, I was able to make some money.

Yes. I am a college student studying in the University of the Philippines when I made my first dollar. It helped that I am good with market research and communications because I was able to assess markets and create articles easily.

I tried writing, being a virtual assistant, blogging, affiliate marketing and list building. I also tried every method that seems to work.


Until eventually, I broke through…


• Today, I own an online virtual assistant company called Pro Virtual Assistant.

• Today, I am assisting various website owners in getting more traffic to their websites

• Today, I am conducting researches that helps businesses and the world

• Today, I am giving jobs and helping people make money.

I created this site so that I can further expand my network and help more people.


Think about it. Do you want to be something more?


• Do you want to make more money while writing about the things that you love?

• Do you want to work but with complete command over your time and office space?

• Do you want to see your own online business expand to greater heights?

Then, you need my help. Ask me how. Let’s play this online game of life.

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