How to Eat Sushi the Right Way


For most of us, we think that eating sushi is like eating any other type of food and that is we can gobble it up in any way we want as long as it reaches our stomachs. But what we don’t know is that eating sushi is an art in itself. It is a way […]

Fashion Inspiration: Rainy Season Theme


Rainy days does not mean that you should forget about fashion. Fashion after all is still up to your creativity. Here are some rainy day fashion inspirations I found in lookbook. 1. Elle Y. I like this look because it is dainty and kawaii even though it is made for rainy day. It is like […]

Mochi Cream Review Philippines


Mochi is slowly becoming popular here in the Philippines. If before it looked like a completely unusual type of food, now it has become quite common. In fact, there is a significant part of the population that had become addicted in this little sweet treat which also led to more restaurants serving it. One of […]

Top 5 Must-Follow Artists on Facebook


Being kawaii means you have the courage to go over boundaries to truly express yourself. It is about not being afraid to break the norm just so you can show people who you really are and what you stand for. I found that this trait is more present in artists in other people. In fact, […]

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